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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Online Guest Parking Request

Guest Definition: Individuals who have been invited to the campus for one to three days and who do not receive an intrinsic value, including compensation from the university, auxiliaries, or a third party. Examples include guest lecturers, departmental board meeting attendees, interview candidates, donors, etc.


  1. Complete ALL fields on the form and click "Submit" button.
  2. Enter your Campus ID and Password
  3. Enter the guest first name, last name and email address.If the guest does not have an email, provide an alternate email address for a person in your department.
  4. Select the department ID/department name requesting the guest permit
  5. Enter the visit start date and visit end date for which the requested permit should be valid
  6. Identify the reason for the guest visit to campus
  7. Click the “Submit Request” button
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Maximum number of guests allowed is 10

Enter the First and Last Names of all guests separated by a comma (i.e. John Smith, Jane Smith)

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Permit will be valid in Short-Term spaces, Official Guest of the University spaces located in the South Turnaround adjacent to Lot E8, all lots designated as GENERAL PARKING, and PYRAMID, PALO VERDE SOUTH, and PALO VERDE NORTH PARKING STRUCTURES, unless the space is otherwise restricted with posted signage.